Students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine typically major in Biology at Multnomah University, however, you may choose any major offered at MU provided you take the specific courses designed to prepare students for successful admission to veterinary school. Multnomah University offers all the pre-requisite science and mathematics courses typically required by veterinary schools in the region. Admission to veterinary school is highly competitive, but through the Pre-veterinary program at Multnomah, you will be prepared to pursue graduate school. For more information, consult the Academic Chair of the Biology Department.

Ways to study

Undergraduate (Major) | On-campus

Course plan


Application deadlines

Career Placement

This pre-professional program will prepare you for further study to pursue a career in veterinary medicine in roles such as:

• Veterinarian • Veterinary Surgeon • Zookeeper
• Veterinary Nurse • Science Writer • Professor
• Nature Conservation Officer • Scientific Researcher • Environmental Consultant