Preparing Future Business Leaders

This program develops analytical, synthesizing, and decision-making skills through a blend of traditional coursework combined with team casework in time-bound situations requiring data-analysis, research, and communication with stakeholders. This major includes a capstone project and opportunities for internships. You will be encouraged to become a business person who is intentional, focused, and engaged in expanding the Kingdom through the expression of your God-given gifts. Business is a vocation, a calling of God.

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Example Courses

The courses listed below are some of our featured core classes that will be a part of your educational journey here at MU. Take a look at each course for a small preview.

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts and standards underlying financial accounting systems. This course covers several important concepts, including revenue recognition, inventory, long-lived assets, present value, and long-term liabilities. The course emphasizes the construction of the basic financial accounting statements – the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement – as well as their interpretation.

A study of macroeconomic theory with a primary emphasis placed on an examination of economic aggregates, including topics such as supply and demand, the market process, the economic role of government, measuring the nation’s economic performance, unemployment, economic fluctuations, fiscal policy, money, and the banking system, economic growth, international trade, and foreign exchange markets.

This course looks at financial management for a business entity. You will examine the concepts and tools for corporate financial planning covering such topics as capital budgeting and management, dividends, asset valuation, and leverage.

Explore the world of marketing and learn how to use an organization’s mission to develop a marketing approach to reach certain with images, products, and services and make a sale. In this course, you will learn best practices and theories that will help you increase profits and raise awareness.

Degree Requirements

Here you will find everything you need to know about what is required to successfully complete your degree. Whether you are beginning college for the first time or are a transfer student, we’ve got you covered.

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Course Layout (Marketing)

“I want to be an engaged person in the community as a good, solid businessperson. I want to be an excellent marketer and be a missionary in that way. I can love Jesus in my daily life at work. Every moment is a chance to share our love for Jesus with other people.”

Daniel Larabee '20, Business Administration

Program Concentrations


The Marketing concentration is a hands-on course of study designed to equip students to understand and contribute to the competitive world of marketing. Graduates will be effective marketers who can identify target audiences, employ market research, and understand branding, strategic advertising, messaging, promotions, and other marketing tools. Students will learn how to apply these skills across the broad range of needs exhibited by for-profit and nonprofit entities.

International Business

Through the International Business concentration, you will study international business, finance, and marketing management. In cooperation with internationally recognized universities, you will study two semesters overseas; one semester in Europe and another in Asia. Through this experience, students will gain practical application of classroom knowledge readying them to guide businesses in a complex global marketplace.

Career Placement

As a graduate from the Business Administration program, you will be equipped as a competent and redemptive presence in the business world, and you will be prepared for roles or graduate-level study to move toward roles, such as:

• Entrepreneur • Regional Director • Marketing Specialist
• Chief Operating Officer • Chief Marketing Officer • Nonprofit Manager
• Chief Administrative Officer • Independent Business Consultant • Assistant Vice President

Business Internship Course

Internships provide the opportunity for you to build your network, learn more about specific industries and organizations, and grow in your work experience. If you are a student interested in gaining valuable work experience, apply for the internship course.

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