Making Christian Education More Affordable

Multnomah University’s Online Undergraduate Cost-per-Credit Reduced for Fall 2023

April 12, 2023

The Fall 2023 term will bring big changes for our undergraduate online students. In addition to soon-to-be-announced programs, the cost-per-credit will be reduced by 35%! That’s right, a cost reduction in higher education.

Beginning this Fall semester, undergraduate online cost-per-credit will drop from $580 to $375.

This means annual tuition for an average full-time (12+ credits) online student will fall from $13,920 to $9,000.

While there are a myriad of drivers behind the decision to reduce the cost-per-credit, the primary goal is to make a Christian college education more affordable. This has long been one of our biggest goals at Multnomah, and is why we also offer a free year of tuition to all first-year on-campus undergraduate students.

Here are three reasons this matters for potential Multnomah Online students:

  1. This makes a degree from a Christian college more affordable than ever
    This price is lower than Grand Canyon University AND Liberty University
  2. We have excellent transfer student policies
    You can now likely attend Multnomah for less than your current online college
  3. You can finish your degree FAST at Multnomah
    Now at a much more affordable price point

For our students returning next Fall, this means your tuition next year will cost less than it does this year.

Asian Female Student Studying on Laptop Outside
We are excited to introduce this as another step toward making a Christian college education affordable.

Learn more about our online programs and apply for Fall 2023!