Mosiac Week 2019, “Moving Forward”

Last week, Multnomah University held its 3rd annual Mosaic Week; a series of events created to spark critical thinking and dialogue on issues of diversity, inclusion, cultural identity, and justice.

We see in the Scriptures that God is the Creator of all things and all people. He made human beings in His image, which gives humanity dignity and worth and purpose. Throughout the Scriptures, we see that God desires for the nations to see and know Him. Jesus taught and exemplified a supreme love for God, complemented by an authentic love for neighbor. We seek to be inclusive because it aligns with God’s love for us and his command to love our neighbor. The theme this year for Mosaic Week was MUnited. We asked our VP of Diversity and Inclusive Development, Jessica Taylor, to share more about Mosaic Week and her hopes for the future:

My goal is for people to see Mosaic Week as wholly encompassing all of us, including the dominant culture. My desire is for every person to see Mosaic Week as a celebration of every member of our community. Whatever piece of the collective “mosaic” you relate to, I hope students can see themselves included in what God is creating. This conversation encompasses more than race and moves beyond to other aspects of diversity that are difficult to talk about like gender, socioeconomic status, mental illness, and many other facets of difference

– Jessica Taylor, VP of Diversity and Inclusive Development

November 12, 2019 | Events