MU Adds BA in Humanities Program

Multnomah University is proud to announce the addition of a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities degree to its growing list of college programs. The Department of Education approved the addition on Tuesday, and students can begin registering for a B.A. in Humanities degree for fall 2018.

“This major is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in the areas of the arts, English, foreign languages, history, linguistics, and music,” says Humanities Department Chair Professor Stanford Campbell. “It opens doors to careers in law, theology, education, research, library work and creative writing. Additionally, national and state surveys reveal that employers are seeking graduates who have completed a Humanities/Interdisciplinary-style course of study.” *

Students who choose a Humanities major will be able to combine two humanities disciplines with Multnomah’s Bible & theology core to form the backbone of their education. Because of this addition to MU’s academic lineup, the university’s music ministry major is being incorporated into the humanities major. “The core of the Music Ministry major is preserved, but folded within the Humanities BA curriculum,” says Campbell. “This will allow students pursuing a music ministry course of study to prepare more broadly for wider vocational opportunities.”

As part of its Humanities program, Multnomah has also approved the following new courses:

  • Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Drawing
  • Design
  • Theater Workshop
  • Intro to Dance Technique
  • Digital Communication
  • Arts Practicum
  • Humanities Capstone Seminar.

Beyond the fields listed above, Campbell considers the B.A. in humanities a great option for those interested in government work, such as archiving or working in historic parks. “It’s also intended to prepare students for arts management roles (nonperforming roles), museum curation, and a variety of other vocations,” he says. “We believe this major is a very good fit for Multnomah, which already values and practices the integration of unique disciplines of study as a way of understanding ourselves and the world.”

Learn more about our BA in Humanities degree here.

* Domingo Angeles and Brian Roberts, “Putting your liberal arts degree to work,” Career Outlook, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, August 2017.

December 23, 2017 | News