MU Athletics Department Adds Women's Soccer

The Multnomah University Athletics Department is proud to announce the addition of women’s soccer to its list of sports programs. The new soccer team will arrive on campus August 7, 2018, to kick off their first season.

“By adding women’s soccer, I’m most excited about giving student-athletes the chance to have an amazing education and an opportunity to be something really great in our athletic department,” said Director of Athletics Lois Vos. “I think any addition we make to MU’s athletic programs adds positively to MU as a whole. And we’re so excited to have more female athletes on campus.”

Soccer will join four* other women’s sports offered at Multnomah: basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track & field.

Recruiting for women’s soccer will begin as soon as the Athletics Department selects a women’s soccer coach. Vos is reviewing applications now and hopes to hire the new coach as soon as possible. She was happy to share that 12 great candidates are currently in the running.

*In order to meet compliance with Title IX policies, MU was required to adjust its number of women’s teams and, in light of this, will remove women’s golf at the end of the spring 2018 season.

November 8, 2017 | News