MU Hosts Hydrologist-Meteorologist to Lecture on Local Effects of Climate Change

PORTLAND, Ore. — Multnomah University welcomes Professor Kyle Dittmer as he presents “Climate Change on the Columbia Basin Tribal Lands: Past-Present-Future” on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at Travis-Lovitt Hall.

The presentation is based off Dittmer’s research that was published in a special issue of the journal Climatic Change in 2013 titled “Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples in the United States.” His research focuses on the historical changes of the timing and volume of the stream flows throughout the tribal lands of the Columbia Basin.

Dittmer is a hydrologist-meteorologist with Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) and science instructor at Portland Community College. CRITFC is an organization that protects the Yakama, Warm Springs, Umatilla and Nez Perce tribes through coordinating management polices and providing technical services for the fisheries. The four primary goals of CRITFC include returning fish back in the rivers and protecting the water sheds they live in, protecting fishing rights established through tribal treaties, sharing salmon culture, and providing fishing services.

Dittmer’s presentation will begin at 10 a.m. in Room 112 of Travis-Lovitt Hall. Listeners will learn all about climate change impacts in the last 100 years on the tribal lands, water and salmon of the Columbia Basin — and hear about what is yet to come.


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