Preparations to Open Campus

In this section, we will discuss new procedures and social-distancing adjustments to common spaces, classrooms, and more.

We are working within the guidelines set by the State of Oregon and Multnomah County to make sure that our classrooms, dining services, mail room, and coffee shop can function within physical distancing protocols to serve our students, faculty, and staff for the fall semester and beyond. We will be increasing our sanitation routines of these areas to include touch points and common use areas. We will also be adjusting capacity levels in classrooms, the dining hall, and the coffee shop to meet current CDC standards to maintain safety as well as an adequate level of service to all areas of our campus. Dining services will function with a to-go model with limited seating capacity. Buildings and common areas may also be adjusted to allow for one-way traffic to minimize close interactions that could increase the chances of COVID-19 transmission. We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide the safest learning environment we can within the current standards while being as flexible as we can to respond to the changing realities of the current pandemic.

We will primarily offer single occupancy rooms with the possible allowance of double occupancy rooms as needed or requested. Students can request double occupancy when they fill out their housing application. We will limit the number of people in lounge areas at one time, observe social distancing, clean and sanitize spaces more often, and set aside rooms for quarantine as needed. Our events that meet the gathering size guidelines will be moved outdoors for social distancing requirements.

Face masks or face coverings are required in all public indoor spaces and indoor community spaces. Faculty members may require students to wear face mask or face coverings in their classrooms. Face masks or face coverings are not required outdoors where six feet of social distancing is maintained.

We are conducting in-person classes in an adaptive learning environment. Appropriate social-distancing measures have been implemented with limited class sizes. Faculty may require students to wear face coverings or face masks throughout class. Sanitation measures per CDC guidelines.

Lab activities will observe social distancing. Masks will be required. Gloves and goggles will be available. Lab spaces will receive proper sanitation per CDC guidelines.

Restroom usage will be subject to proper social distancing guidelines and CDC sanitation measures will be strictly followed.

The library will have limited seating to implement social distancing guidelines and the above face mask guidelines will be followed. The library will receive the proper sanitation measures per the CDC.

Study abroad is suspended until further CDC guidance is given.

Athletics will follow the guidelines of the NAIA and CCC.

All chapels will be remote. Outside gatherings will be limited to 50 people with face masks required when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Campus will be open for instructional purposes and official university business only.

To maintain a healthy campus, we ask all students and employees to assess their health and the health of those they have been in contact with before coming to campus. Questions are outlined further down this page in the section entitled, “Health Check Questions”.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) exists to help students whose education was disrupted by the pandemic.

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Emergency Recovery Team Commissioned

Purpose: tactical, day-to-day preparation of the campus and MU community for starting face-to-face classes and athletic programs this August. The ERT includes key leaders from the Multnomah Faculty and Staff who will be responsible for the following:

  • Ensure that the campus is adequately safe, ready to receive athletes and residential students, and prepared to begin face-to-face classes as currently scheduled for fall semester.
  • Ensure returning students, prospective students, and parents that we have reasonably implemented the safety standards to address COVID-19.
  • Ensure plans are in place if we need to adapt our teaching model if students need to leave campus again.
  • Ensure we have adequately considered the check list for higher education prepared by the governor’s task force for higher education and Multnomah County.

Adaptive Learning Environment


In our Adaptive Learning Environment (ALE) students can learn with excellence, connect with others, grow in faith, and prepare for their future. Our ALE combines on-campus class sessions with enhanced online learning, which will allow our faculty to be responsive and engaged regardless of how the fall unfolds. We are prepared to move smoothly and quickly to an online learning environment if this becomes necessary at any point during the semester.


Personal Health Check Questions

We know that COVID-19 can be present with multiple symptoms or sometimes no symptoms at all. If everyone asks these questions and stays home if exposed to COVID-19 or experiences these symptoms, we have the best chance to keep the campus environment healthy.


  1. Do I have a cough?
  2. Have I been exposed to someone with a cough that could have transmitted COVID-19 to me?
  3. Do I have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  4. Have I been exposed to someone with shortness of breath or difficulty breathing that could have transmitted COVID-19 to me?
  5. Am I experiencing or have I been exposed to someone with two of any of the following symptoms?
    • Fever
    • Chills
    • Repeated shaking with chills
    • Muscle pain
    • Headache
    • Sore throat
    • New loss of taste or smell