Multnomah Plans for Fall 2020

In February 2020, few of us could have imagined how quickly life would change around the world because of COVID-19 and how long life would remain changed. Each day new updates and decisions were made by government and health officials that affected colleges and universities. We acted swiftly and coordinated a multitude of details to keep classes in session remotely so that our students could continue their education. Looking back, it feels like a whirlwind, and to many of you, the effects of this pandemic have hit home with illness, job loss, or even the death of loved ones.

As the fall semester approaches, you probably have countless questions about the rest of your education as a returning student and prospective students are facing one of the most complicated college decision seasons of any class before.

Our simple message to you is that Multnomah University is doing everything in our ability to prepare and plan for serving our students on campus this fall.


We are working diligently to follow the health and safety guidelines from Multnomah County, the city of Portland, and the state of Oregon. While our local health and government officials are tasked with making decisions about shelter-in-place orders, gathering sizes, and re-opening businesses, we want to be ready for the day we are cleared to resume classes and activities on campus. Of course, information and decisions will be open to change and will require patience from our community. However, our promise is to do all that we can to adjust our campus spaces, classrooms, dining areas, residential areas, and more to accommodate the social-distancing policies that will still be in effect. As a small university, we are able to make decisions and implement new guidelines quickly.


We are entering a new world of education because of COVID-19. We look forward to partnering with our returning and new MU family members as they explore their career aspirations, God’s calling, and advancement in their vocation. We believe that our future is bright because of God’s grace and faithfulness to the MU Community. The challenge of COVID-19 has created opportunities for Multnomah to expand our impact further in new and unique ways.

In the coming weeks and months, you will learn more specifics about how we plan to embrace the challenges of re-opening campus for the fall semester with our students’ well-being and education at the center of all that we will do. By God’s grace, we are still here to fulfill our mission and move forward as an institution. Our goal is to ensure your safety, inspire your confidence, and invite you to take the next step in your education with us as we take our next step into the future.

May 18, 2020 | News