Multnomah Stories:

Kat Kerr, Global Studies ’20

Each of us is gifted with unique skills and passions, but sometimes you have to seek good soil to grow to uncover your calling.

Growing up in a deaf family, Katarina Kerr always had a heart for American Sign Language (ASL). During Kat’s sophomore year at a state school, she witnessed her mother have a cross-cultural experience on a mission trip with other deaf people like her. Kat saw the difference made by making the gospel accessible in sign language and came home with a new mission. Kat followed her calling from God to pursue deaf ministry, which led her to Multnomah University.

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When Kat joined Multnomah’s Global Studies program, she was blown away by the experience of taking Bible classes at a small college. She shared, “There were so many opportunities for me to talk to professors and other peers about what I was processing in my classes and what I was learning. It was just like a safe place to wrestle…I think it really challenged me to dig deep and figure out what I feel like God’s called me to do.”

Alongside her classes, Multnomah’s Global Studies program required Kat to earn internship experience, which opened the door to her job with Pioneer Bible Translators. The internship challenged Kat to step out of her comfort zone and figure out what she was passionate about. It also allowed her to step into her dream career of working in deaf ministry.

Today, Kat still feels the support of Multnomah from Texas where she works in Donor Engagement on Pioneer Bible Translator’s Advancement Team. Kat shared this about Multnomah’s professors, “They were just so willing to cheer me on, and they still cheer me on to this day. They get my newsletters and email me every so often. Knowing that you have professors in your corner and cheering for you to help push you towards your goals was what led me to my career and where I am today.”

“If a student feels like they’re called to something and they’re passionate about it and God’s led them to Multnomah, that’s for a reason.”