New Wine, New Wineskins Hosts From Isolation to Invitation: A Conference on Disabilities

From Isolation to Invitation: A Conference on Disabilities brought together a diverse group of people from local churches, social service organizations and non-profits on March 16, 2019. Several local pastors and church leaders spoke at the conference on the need for the Church to demonstrate greater sensitivity and care for those with disabilities. They provided practical recommendations and examples on how to help.

New Wine, New Wineskins is excited about the opportunity to build a network that will encourage various ministries and services. Together there is hope of finding ways to better serve and have a greater impact in communities with disabilities. We are thankful to everyone who participated and prayed for this conference. The support and sponsorship from various foundations, organizations and local churches leaves a significant impact. Going forward, we are excited to expand our efforts in the community.

If you missed the conference, there are several videos to recap the event available here.

March 22, 2019 | Events