Phase 1: New Soccer Field for Multnomah University

rendering of soccer field

The Multnomah University Board of Trustees approved phase one of building a full-size, artificial soccer field on our Portland campus. Due to the generosity of Multnomah University donors, the first phase of preliminary work is fully funded. Multnomah will not incur any debt from pursuing this phase. Though we have received generous financial commitments to cover construction costs, we will not begin any construction until the construction phase is fully funded, permits have been acquired, and the Board of Trustees approves.

Phase one will include conducting surveys, inspecting the topography of the grounds, engineering consultations, design consultations, and acquiring construction permits from the City of Portland. This phase will not include any construction. While the University is excited about the approval of phase one, the timing of this whole project is unpredictable. City permits take time to acquire, the weather will dictate when the construction phase can begin, and many additional factors play a role. There is currently no estimated timeline for how long phase one will take. Multnomah will adhere to the City of Portland’s processes and timetables.

The vision for this field is not only to support our growing sports teams and invest in the efforts of our athletic department, but also to create space for intramural sports teams, contribute to student culture on campus, and invest in the Multnomah community and beyond.

Lois Vos, the Multnomah University Athletic Director, commented, “It will be amazing to walk onto a small campus like ours and see this new turf field. We are so grateful to the people who donated funds to this project. This would not have been possible without them.”

The first phase has been approved and this long-held dream is on the cusp of being realized. It is a testament to the growth of the university and the generosity of our God. We believe that this soccer field will be a blessing to this community.

March 6, 2020 | Press Releases