Reverend Dr. Eric Anthony Joseph will become the sixth president of Multnomah University on March 1, 2022. After months of thoughtful prayer and consideration, the presidential search committee chose Dr. Joseph based on his strong Christian character, his alignment with the mission of Multnomah, and the diverse and valuable decades of experience he can offer to the university. On January 28, 2022, faculty and staff had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Joseph before the Board of Trustees officially named him the next president that evening.

Dr. Eric Anthony Joseph, VI President of Multnomah University

“I am excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come to Portland, Oregon, and start a new chapter and new season that the Lord has provided for my wife and me here at this faith-based institution. We look forward to serving the community as well as this great institution and its legacy.”

President Dr. Eric Anthony Joseph

Dr. Joseph has over three decades of experience in higher education and Christian ministry and has served as a voice of wisdom to university leaders and U.S. Presidents alike. His work as a consultant spans political affiliations, Christian denominations, and university landscapes. Dr. Joseph’s faith-based and community engagement initiatives have made a lasting impact across the nation. His contributions have earned Dr. Joseph wide recognition as an outstanding educator, consultant, and Christian leader.

Dr. Joseph believes scripture is the living, breathing, and inspired word of God, and that we are made in God’s image. Dr. Joseph served as director and chaplain of the Coleman Heritage Center (Chapel) at Langston University, a Historical Black College and University. He has acted as a Christian leader within his community as a church elder and as a professional minister and consultant to universities, businesses, and political figures.

Greg Burch, Global Development and Justice Chair, Faculty

“Dr. Joseph will be an advocate for students and faculty and getting resources to Multnomah. He has a lot of passion and a lot of energy to make that happen. And seeing even non-traditional students at Multnomah be included in the conversation here is exciting.”

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Academic Experience & Personal Life

Dr. Joseph completed his education at Biola University. His degrees include a BA in Communications with an emphasis in radio, television, and film, M.Div. in Bible Exposition, MACEd in Christian Education, EdD in Intercultural Studies, and (exchanged for) a Ph.D. in Intercultural Education. During Dr. Joseph’s stint as an educator, he held several university leadership roles and Perry Publishing and Broadcasting named him Educator of the Year for the State of Oklahoma. He also appeared in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers as one of the most prominent teachers in America.

As the 1985 National Christian Colleges Athletic Association (NCCAA) Male Athlete of the Year in track and field, Dr. Joseph understands the demands of a Christian student-athlete. In high school, he was invited to participate in the Junior Olympics. While training, he met his wife, Jill, a fellow track star and the national champion in the hurdles. Jill is a speech-language pathologist, KODAK All-American, philanthropist, realtor, educator, and as Dr. Joseph shares, a Kansas beauty queen. She and Dr. Joseph are active members in their community, professional organizations, and season ticket holders to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Joe Slavens, Vice President of Student Life

“I’m really excited by his energy and his passion. I’m excited about his love for the Lord and the research he’s done on Multnomah. He has a real vision and as I think of how the Lord puts the body of Christ together, if he’s our president, I can see how he would be that part of our body that would push us towards the next stage of Multnomah’s development.” 

President Dr. Eric Anthony Joseph

Professional Experience

Later in life, Dr. Joseph used his wisdom and experience to help higher education institutions through his consulting company. The focus of EAJ Ministries and Consulting Enterprise, LLC is to aid colleges and universities in building programs and internal support systems for under-served and unrepresented populations within their institutions. Dr. Joseph has taught diversity and leadership courses in England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and nearly every U.S. government branch (including the POTUS). The U.S. House of Representatives has honored Dr. Joseph for his lifetime achievements and contributions.


Dr. Joseph sees the opportunity to bring the eternal truth of God’s word to Portland and the region to fulfill the greater mission of Multnomah University. His experience in community outreach in metropolitan cities like his hometown of Los Angeles has equipped Dr. Joseph with the tools he will need to lead and inspire. Multnomah believes that Dr. Joseph’s devout faith—rooted in scripture—and his experience in community development will lead the university in an age of renewal and transformation.

Sudha Peethala, Director of Information Technology

“I think vision and mission. I like his passion to work with people. I just love how he interacts with everyone in the room. You know, eye contact and being there next to you. I like that he’s all about people.”

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