You are invited to the presidential inauguration of

Dr. Jessica Lynn Taylor

Seventh President of Multnomah University


February 24, 2024   |   1:30p.m.
Mane Hall, Multnomah University Campus

Doors Open at 1p.m.   |   Ceremony Starts at 1:30p.m.




Multnomah University is proud to announce an upcoming inauguration ceremony to celebrate Dr. Jessica Lynn Taylor as its seventh President. The inauguration will take place on Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 1:30p.m. The ceremony will not only mark the official induction of Dr. Taylor into her role but also serve as a symbol of continued growth for Multnomah University’s kingdom mission. Dr. Taylor’s presidential title will transition with Multnomah and she will become the Multnomah Campus of Jessup University President.

The Multnomah University Board of Trustees unanimously confirmed this decision to appoint Dr. Taylor as president on October 22nd, 2023. They acknowledge Dr. Taylor’s outstanding leadership as interim president. Having served in various roles, from student to Vice President of Diversity and Inclusive Development, Dr. Taylor brings a wealth of experience and a renewed vision.

As we prepare for this historic event, we invite you to join us in honoring Dr. Taylor’s commitment to fostering a Christ-honoring community, academic excellence, and a love for Jesus. The inauguration will be a special opportunity to witness the university’s commitment to Jesus, biblical education, mission and legacy. The theme for this occasion is compelled by the love of Christ.

Further details about the inauguration ceremony will be shared in the coming weeks, and we encourage everyone in the MU community to save the date for this momentous celebration. Together, let us anticipate a future filled with hope, unity, and a continued commitment to advancing the university’s mission for the glory of God under President Taylor’s leadership.

Learn more about the seventh president of Multnomah University

Dr. Taylor's Bio

Presidents of Multnomah University

Dr. B.B. Sutcliffe


Dr. Willard M. Aldrich


Dr. Joseph C. Aldrich


Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood


Dr. G. Craig Williford


Dr. Eric Anthony Joseph


Dr. Jessica Lynn Taylor


Board of Trustees

Rev. Dr. Cliff Chappell

Pastor, Vancouver, WA

Mr. Brent Mesquit

Secretary/Program Manager, Portland, OR

Dr. Jay Mosser

Chair/Pastor, University Place, WA

Mrs. Joyce Schroeder

Vice Chair/Elementary Education Teacher, Missionary, Englewood, CO

Mr. Nathan Nymeyer

Speaker Coordinator, Vancouver, WA

Statements of Support

“I look forward to celebrating the inauguration of President Dr. Taylor. It is evident that God has called her to this role at this time in Multnomah’s history. I am grateful for her exceptional leadership which reflects godly wisdom and a profound commitment to loving God, others, and our shared community.”

Dr. Karen Fancher, Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies

“We are thrilled for this momentous occasion to inaugurate our president, Dr. Taylor, into a new chapter of leadership. With profound gratitude for the impact she has already made, we look forward to what the future holds.”

Dr. Jay Mosser, Board Chair of Trustees, Multnomah University

“It is truly an honor to commemorate the presidency of Dr. Taylor and recognize her remarkable leadership at Multnomah. Her continued vision and leadership is pivotal in the partnership with Multnomah and Jessup University.”

President Dr. John Jackson, Jessup University

Frequently Asked Questions

You can watch the full inauguration ceremony here.

An inauguration signifies the formal induction of an individual into office. Comparable to well-known presidential inaugurations, such as that of the President of the United States, university presidential inaugurations mark the installation of a new leader.

This event serves not only as an opportunity to officially install the new leader but also as a moment for the leadership to renew their commitment to the mission of the university and it’s thriving. Throughout the ceremony and associated events, attendees can expect to catch glimpses of the university’s forthcoming trajectory and the unique personality of the new president.

All faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members of the University community are welcome to attend the Inauguration and Reception.

Please RSVP by using this link:

Yes, the deadline is February 16th.

You can bring as many guests as you like but please make sure you include them on the RSVP form.

The ceremony will take place at 1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. in JCA Student Hall (The Mane Hall) at Multnomah University campus on Saturday, February 24, 2024. A reception will follow.

The inauguration provides an opportunity to officially install and honor President Dr. Taylor, who was chosen by the Multnomah University Board of Trustees. Dr. Taylor has and will continue to play a crucial role in leading us through this transformative partnership.

This ceremony is a moment to acknowledge the unity and commitment of our community as we integrate into the Jessup University family while upholding the values and principles that have defined Multnomah University. This ceremony not only celebrates the achievements of the past but also looks to the future.

We would be delighted to welcome a delegate on behalf of your University! Please RSVP so we know how many people to plan on preparing for.

Multnomah University faculty, staff are invited to wear regalia and be part of the ceremony. Leaders and delegates from peer institutions do not need to wear regalia for the investiture ceremony.

The custom of adorning caps, gowns, and hoods during formal academic processions and ceremonies finds its historical origins in medieval Europe, particularly during a time when scholars were closely affiliated with monastic orders. The inspiration for academic regalia lies in the ecclesiastical garments of that period, which were later modified by English universities in the 14th century to denote different levels of education.

Multnomah University, like many educational institutions in the United States, embraces the rich tradition of academic dress. Our practice aligns with a standardized code established by an intercollegiate commission in 1895 and subsequently revised in 1986. As we proudly adhere to this tradition, we recognize the significance it adds to our academic ceremonies, symbolizing the dedication to scholarly excellence that defines Multnomah University. It also designates specific colors to represent different fields of learning.

Multnomah University adheres to this tradition, with distinctive colors for various disciplines.


Accounting = drab
Bible/ministry/biblical lang = red (Religion)
Business = drab
English = white
GS (social work) = citron
History = white
Humanities = white
Music = pink
Psychology = gold
Sciences (all) = gold
TESOL = light blue (Education)


MAC = white (Arts)
MA GD&J = citron (Social Work)
MS Mang & Ldp = drab (Business)
MA Non-Profit Mng = citron (Social Work)
MA TESOL = light blue (Education)


MAAT = red (Religion)
MABS = red (Religion)
MACL = white (Arts)
MATS = red (Theology)
MDV = red
DMIN = red velvet, special gold tassel

Multnomah University is committed to making its ceremonies accessible to all attendees and participants. Guests with disabilities or limited mobility, older individuals needing assistance, or those in need of additional accommodations should contact William Beck at

Yes, this event is for everyone. If during the program and/or reception, the kids want to get their wiggles out, we will have a space available for children to play. The “Den” located across the grass from our reception area will have games for the children. Childcare is not provided, but supervised children are more than welcome to use that space whenever they choose.

A recording of the ceremony will be available online viewing the day after the ceremony and will be posted on this webpage.