Multnomah University


General Mental Health Resource

National Institute of Mental Health

Offers good general information on a variety of mental health topics including depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, ADD, personality disorders and PTSD. 

Abusive Relationships

Abuse Recovery Ministry Services

Offers free classes designed to help women walk through their healing from domestic violence and abuse.  Classes are also available for men, parents who have children impacted by domestic violence, and women who have experienced abuse but who have also used abusive and/or controlling behaviors.


Celebrate Recovery

Offers locations of celebrate recovery groups in Oregon as well as basic information on the celebrate recovery process.  Celebrate Recovery is a Christian based recovery program for those struggling with addictions.

Eating Disorders

Finding Balance

Christian based resource which offers self assessments for eating disorders, a treatment finder, daily devotional, a blog and a searchable video clip library which addresses questions and concerns related to food, weight, and body image.


National Eating Disorders Association website.  Includes general information on eating disorders, an online ED screening, a phone helpline, and a referral list for treatment providers.

Pornography Addiction


Online Christian-based resource to help fight porn addiction.  It includes an assessment, blog articles, videos about porn addiction, a question and answer section and filtering software you can purchase for your electronic devices.

Dirty Girls Ministries

Online Christian-based resource specifically aimed at women struggling with porn addiction.  It includes a blog, online support community, and info on available accountability groups.

Suicide Prevention

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Offers information on understanding suicide, preventing suicide and coping with suicide.  It includes information on warning signs and what to do if suspect a loved one might be suicidal.

Jed Foundation

Offers college specific information on suicide.  Provides resources for both parents and students on risk factors for suicide and how to help students cope with the unique challenges they face in college.