So You Got Into College… Now What?!

Congratulations! Being accepted to a college is an incredible accomplishment you should be proud of. But with all the emphasis on applying to college, you might find yourself wondering what to do after your acceptance.

It’s time to make a to-do list because we’re digging into the four most important things you should tackle since you’re now officially on your way to being a college student. From financial aid to housing, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

1. Submit your FAFSA


Multnomah University distributes more than 3 million dollars in student aid every year. But in order to receive financial aid, first you have to fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). It determines eligibility for federal grants, loans, and work-study programs, which is a fancy way of saying it helps make college more affordable. FAFSA is due by June 30 during the summer preceding your first Fall term.

2. Apply for Outside Scholarships

Financial aid from Multnomah is just the start! Don’t forget about private scholarships from companies and charitable organizations that can be put toward your tuition. About 1.7 million private scholarships are awarded annually to students across the country. Develop a strategy with your high school guidance counselor, research scholarship opportunities on your own, and apply to as many as you can.

3. Come for a Visit

What’s more fun: Hearing about a great new movie and then reading about the plot and the special effects online… or going to a movie theater to experience it for yourself? The same is true with college! You can read about and research Multnomah University all day. But that’s not nearly as special as walking through campus and experiencing our cozy corner of Portland. Sit in a college class for the first time, tour a dorm, and meet your future professors and classmates. Multnomah is a special place, best appreciated in person. Sign up for one of our visit experiences!

4. Submit Your Deposit

Submitting your enrollment deposit is your way of telling us we’ll see you in the fall. Don’t spend your last weeks of high school under a cloud of stress because of decision paralysis! Graduate with a plan and start investing into your new community and exciting future at Multnomah. Here are a few more reasons to submit your deposit by May 1

  • You’ll be in the first wave of students to register for classes on May 15th.
  • You’ll have priority access to campus housing.
    (Make sure to fill out the Living Arrangement Form after you deposit)
Earning a college acceptance is a remarkable achievement, and you should feel so proud of your success. Get ready for an exciting and transformational journey ahead. We’re proud to be Multnomah Lions and hope you will be too!

Submit Your Deposit


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