Multnomah Stories:

Danae Stokes, Youth and Educational Ministries ’23

Life is uncertain, but through the power of faith and a strong Christian community, students at Multnomah can discover themselves and the life God is calling them towards. Youth Ministries major Danae Stokes shares her Multnomah story of personal discovery, the power of a supportive Christian community, and her relationship with Christ.

Danae Stokes was in her freshman year at Multnomah when, in the middle of a volleyball game, she suffered a broken ankle that took her out of the sport.

Left with more time for reflection than she would have liked, Danae turned to God to make peace with her circumstances. One day, Danae attended a Brunch Chat in the Den where someone brought up the topic of identity, reflecting on a story of another student-athlete who suffered a career-ending injury. For the student, more than the physical loss, they felt they had lost their identity. The story resonated with Danae’s own experience. She realized her identity was tied up in being an athlete rather than in Christ.

At that moment, Danae felt God reveal what He was trying to teach her through this challenging ordeal: her affirmation didn’t need to come through volleyball, it was already given to her as a child of God.

Danae wasn’t the only one left rattled by her injury. As an out of state student from Anchorage, Alaska, Danae’s mom understandably worried about sending her youngest off to college in a city over 2,400 miles away. When Danae suffered her injury, it made that distance feel even further. Unable to care for her daughter directly, she frequently checked in via phone to see how Danae was doing.

On one memorable day, Danae was studying in the Den when a fellow classmate walked over to her to ask if he could pray for her. Surprised by the compassion and care shown by her community, Danae called her mom. She uttered the words every parent hopes to hear, “Mom, I’m taken care of.” The classmate’s kindness and prayer, along with all the support and friendship Danae has experienced during her time at Multnomah, has stuck with her through college. Danae is in her final year at Multnomah and currently serves as Student Government President.

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