Multnomah Stories:

Jake Schwein, Pastoral Studies ’03

Pastor Jake Schwein attended Multnomah for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees, which helped prepare him for a career in ministry. At Multnomah, we connect students’ passions with the mission God is calling them towards.

Jake Schwein graduated in 1998 from Multnomah University (then Multnomah Bible College and Seminary), with a degree in Youth Ministry. He came to Multnomah with a desire to delve deeper into the Bible and develop his own personal faith.

His early journey in ministry post-graduation brought him to a church on the Central Coast of California where he used his degree in youth ministries. Jake’s passion and calling to deepen his roots in the Word of God led him to return to Multnomah. This time, he entered the Seminary to pursue a degree in Pastoral Studies (’03).

“To be honest, I fell in love with Jesus at Multnomah.”

Jake Schwein works with fellow Grace Chapel member

For Jake, Multnomah helped establish his foundation in the Bible and developed the authority of God in his life. These two elements were transformative towards making his faith his own. Jake’s professors didn’t just speak at an academic level. They truly believed in the Word of God and demonstrated how it had changed their lives.

Today, Jake Schwein serves in several leadership roles at Grace Chapel in Wilsonville, OR as campus pastor, pastor of justice, and worship leader. In each position, Jake uses the faith and biblical foundation he developed during his studies at Multnomah to love God and others through his work.

“I continued to develop, ‘what does it mean to love God and to love People?’ And that’s really what it’s about.”

Jake Schwein talks with fellow Grace Chapel members

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