M.S., Portland State University

B.A., LIFE Pacific University

Hired in 2006

Christy is originally from Central and Southern California, and prior to entering the field of higher education, she worked in managing sales. Christy joined the Student Life team at Multnomah University in the Fall of 2006. Christy has also worked in the Student Success department and Housing and Residence Life at Multnomah, coaching individual students through their educational process, advocating for student’s needs, and presenting on student success and multicultural engagement. Christy loves her job in Student Life because she is passionate about holistic student growth and development. She says, “I am thrilled that in my position, I get to help students see themselves as people who can grow and change and who play a vital role in the mission of God in this world.”

When Christy is not at work, she enjoys reading, exploring Portland’s food culture, and spending time with family and friends.