A.A., Clackamas Community College

Hired in 2021

Coralyn is a Portland local, while also being one of nine siblings. Interestingly enough, Bradley Hall here on campus was named to commemorate the untimely death of her grandfather, Dr. Thaddeus Bradley. He worked at Multnomah serving as a vice president with Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Aldrich almost up until the time of his passing. Coralyn found a love for prepping and serving food and drinks in her time as a school cook, but to her the cafe environment warrants so much more connection. She had the opportunity to pursue her associate’s degree before entering the workforce, and hopes to continue pursuing her bachelor’s degree as time allows it. Coralyn loves her role at Multnomah. She says, “I have a unique opportunity to cultivate a physical reflection of the students’ acceptance, love, and true community.”

On the weekends Coralyn likes to go on walks, write out her thoughts, listen to music, and watch whatever movie was recommended to her.