New to the Center?

Here are a few things to know before your first visit.

Each student can receive six sessions of free individual and/or couples counseling per semester. The cost is $10 per session after the first six.

Group sessions are free of charge and have no limit.

Please see our privacy policy.

Cancellations require 24 hours of notice.

Do you have any questions?

Becca Jones
Director of the Student Counseling & Wellness
(503) 251-5310

Local emergency hotlines

• Clackamas (503) 655-8724

• Marion (503) 585-4949

• Multnomah (503) 988-4888 or 1-800-716-9769

• Washington (503) 291-9111

• Yamhill (503) 434-7465 or 1-800-560-5535

*If you live in the Residence Halls on campus, please inform our Residence Life staff immediately if you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis.

Life-threatening emergency

On-campus residents: Call 911 and then Campus Safety at (503) 251-6499.
Off-campus students: Dial 911.

Mental health crisis

During regular business hours, contact the Student Counseling & Wellness Center at (503) 251-6511.

Scope of Practices

Cases are evaluated individually to make the best care recommendations. When appropriate, individuals will be referred to services provided by our counseling center or to community resources if needs exceed our scope.

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See. Say. Do.

The Student Counseling & Wellness Center has adapted a guide to help faculty and staff in dealing with distressed students on campus. If you would like more information on how to respond or report students of concern, view our guide.

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Student of Concern

If you have concerns about a student’s well-being, behavior, or safety, please reach out to the Care Team.

Notify the Care Team