Multnomah University

Alumni Leadership Council

Dear Multnomah University Alumni,

The Alumni Association exists to serve and represent you so that your experience while attending Multnomah continues to be a positive one throughout your life. In the days ahead we will continue to promote a positive attitude through our active alumni in all of our regions where alumni live, work and serve. We will continue to find ways to create more value for your alumni membership. We continue to search for MU alumni across our nation to serve on this leadership team. With the efforts of the alumni leadership council working with the Multnomah University staff, the vision for the days ahead is bright.

The input and participation of all Multnomah University alumni is vital to the success of our efforts. We invite you to look for opportunities to become involved in the activities that matter most to you and your family. This is your association. Plan now to leave your mark on the heritage of Multnomah University!

Serving with passion,

Michelle Peel-Underwood, MA '10, BA '00
Director of Alumni Relations
Multnomah University
Multnomah Bible College, Multnomah Biblical Seminary

For more information on how you can get involved in serving on our Alumni Leadership Council, please contact Director of Alumni Relations, Michelle Peel-Underwood at munderwood@multnomah.eduTo apply for the Alumni Leadership Council download the application form. 


  • Melisa Lindros Melisa Lindros Southern California Regional Representative
  • Greg Brock Greg Brock Salem-Eugene Regional Representative
  • Kathy Dunbar Kathy Dunbar Central California Regional Representative
  • Aaron Esparza Aaron Esparza Local Regional Director
  • Mike Fajen Mike Fajen Local Regional Representative
  • Adrienne Fajen Adrienne Fajen Local Regional Representative
  • James Homoki James Homoki Colorado Regional Representative
  • Neil Johnson Neil Johnson Texas Regional Representative
  • Portia Jones Portia Jones Local Regional Representative
  • Emi Koe Emi Koe Local Regional Representative
  • Gail Lundquist Gail Lundquist Local Regional Representative
  • Adele Morgan Adele Morgan Alaska Regional Representative
  • Jennica Mosser Jennica Mosser Puget Sound Regional Representative
  • Kevin Pischke Kevin Pischke Bay Area Regional Representative
  • Reid Saunders Reid Saunders Local Regional Representative
  • Mary Thompson Mary Thompson Minnesota Regional Representative

Additional members:

  • Michelle Peel-Underwood (MA '10 / BA '00) - Director of Alumni Relations