The First International Trauma Collaborative

On Saturday, April 6, 2019, Multnomah University will host the first International Trauma Collaborative.

The vision for this event is to collaborate with a network of practitioners working in cross-cultural and international contexts with communities impacted by trauma for the purpose of learning from one another and sharing resources. The goal is to develop best practices in the areas of cultural competency, faith integration, cross-sector engagement, and partnerships with secular organizations.

Three highly skilled psychologists will be speaking at the International Trauma Collaborative. Dr. Kelly O’Donnell, Dr. Michele O’Donnell and Dr. Tim Friesen will be sharing from their background in mental health. All three guest speakers earned their Doctor of Psychology degrees from Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University.

The O’Donnells are both consulting psychologists based in Geneva, Switzerland. They serve as representatives of the World Federation for Mental Health at the United Nations. They consult, teach and write in the areas of Member Care, Global Mental Health, Humanitarian Assistance, Sustainable Development, Integrity and Anti-Corruption, Peace Psychology, and Global Integration. Read more about their work here.

Dr. Tim Friesen is a clinical psychologist with specialized training and experience in the assessment of children, play therapy with children, trauma interventions for children and adults, and emotionally-focused therapy for couples. He was one of the founders of the Cornerstone Counseling Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, an outpatient mental health center for missionaries and humanitarian workers. Tim has served as global staff care consultant for International Justice Mission and has provided consultation services to Partners Relief and Development. Through his non-profit Twelve12:Hope, he has developed and run an extensive trauma training program for community leaders in Myanmar, DR Congo, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Iraq. This training equips local community leaders to provide healing and hope for children who have experienced chronic trauma.

Anyone who works with trauma-impacted populations is welcome to join this event. If you would like to connect with the collaboration or come to this event, follow the application process here.

March 29, 2019 | Events