Tools to Ease the College Decision-Making Process

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As a soon-to-be college student, there are hundreds of questions to answer and seemingly endless boxes to tick during the process of picking a school. Of those questions, two tend to rise to the top: What will I major in, and what will it cost?

Thankfully, institutions no longer mask the cost of tuition from view (here’s Multnomah’s undergrad tuition rate), but easy access to that information isn’t always met with clarity on options for financial aid to ease the burden of paying for a college degree.

Equally frustrating is falling in love with a school’s location and atmosphere, and realizing they don’t have the program you want. Or, you’re not sure what program to pursue at this point and want to ensure the school you’re researching has enough options so you aren’t confined by a major you choose freshman year.

To help ease the burden of both problems, Multnomah recently instituted two easy-to-use tools: one to determine a rough estimate of net cost (total cost after aid), and the other to help students discover their aptitude for various programs the school offers.


Net Price Calculator

As part of our commitment to financial clarity and price transparency, Multnomah University offers a net price calculator. Our goal is to ensure that every student understands what it will cost to attend Multnomah and that all students have access to a more affordable Christian education.

The platform calculates an estimate of how much financial aid you would receive, how much you would need to pay out of pocket, and helps you explore the different ways you can cover that cost. It can be viewed on a monthly, annual or total degree period. It also provides information about scholarship availability, student loans, and other financial aid options available to assist in paying for school.


Major Assessment Tool

Ready to find your major at Multnomah? Take our quiz through MyMajors to provide insight into your best-fit major based on your interests and strengths. Once you complete the quiz, it will highlight a few best-fit programs from Multnomah for you to check out.

Try out this 15-minute quiz and gain clarity on which Multnomah major might be right for you!


We are excited to implement these new tools as ways for you to gain more clarity in the process of searching for your best-fit college experience. When you’re ready to get in touch with our admissions team or submit an application, you can do so below!

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