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Types of Aid

Most financial aid falls under 2 main categories:

Gift aid:

    Grants and scholarships that you don’t need to repay.

Self-help aid:

    Loans that you will repay after graduation and funds you can earn through student employment.

Scholarships are given in recognition of what you’ve accomplished through academic study, service projects, and future goals.


Grants are a type of gift aid typically packaged based on your financial need.


Student loan programs let you borrow money to help pay for your education. The repayment of most educational loans begins after you graduate. Because loans must be repaid, you should plan your borrowing carefully.

Student Employment

Multnomah’s work-study program helps you pay for college expenses through on-campus, part-time employment.

Military Benefits

Veterans and students currently serving in the military may be eligible for additional benefits from military programs.

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Get rewarded for the work you’re doing now.

Multnomah University offers academic scholarships to students with a GPA of 3.0 and above.

Take your education abroad.

Apply your federal and institutional aid to any of the Multnomah University approved study abroad programs.

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Percent of undergraduate students receive MU institutional aid.

$ 3000000

MU funds over $3,000,000 in student aid every year.

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Nearly every student at MU receives financial aid