Undergraduate On-Campus ’23-24 Tuition & Fees



Living Expenses:


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Total Required Fees:


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On-Campus Tuition & Fees

College 1 – 11.5 hours
College Semester Block 12-18 hours
College 18.5+ hours
College Fieldwork/Practicum/Internship
College Early Admission
TESOL Certificate – audit price
College Summer Classes


Technology Fee (6+ credits)
Technology Fee (under 6 credits)
Program Fees (6+ credits)
Program Fees (under 6 credits)
Graduation Fee (UG)
Additional Diploma
Parking Permit (for students with a vehicle on campus)

Note: Some courses may have associated fees ranging from $20-75.




Online Tuition & Fees '23-24

Online College Courses


Technology Fee (6+ credits)
Technology Fee (under 6 credits)
Graduation Fee (UG)
Additional Diploma

Note: Some courses may have associated fees ranging from $20-75.


Free Year of Tuition

First-time freshmen at Multnomah are eligible for an academic scholarship equivalent to one free year of tuition!

Learn About the Scholarship

Get rewarded for the work you’re doing now.

Multnomah University offers academic scholarships to students based on GPA.

Take your education abroad.

Apply your federal and institutional aid to any of the Multnomah University approved study abroad programs.

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All incoming undergrad students receive institutional aid

$ 3000000

MU funds over $3,000,000 in student aid every year.

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Nearly every student at MU receives financial aid

Financial Aid Process

Step 1: Apply to Multnomah

Before you can apply for aid, you must apply and be accepted to Multnomah. To apply, click here and follow the application instructions.

Apply Here

Step 2: Review Financial Aid Opportunities

Although it’s not required, it’s helpful to learn about the types of aid you could receive as a Multnomah student. It will help you understand your financial aid offer. Whether it be a scholarship, grant, loan, or other form of financial aid, knowing what’s available to you is critical to determining your net-tuition-price.

Discover Aid Opportunities

Step 3: Learn What Could Affect Your Aid

Studying Abroad
Studying abroad may influence your financial plan. We would recommend that you speak to your financial aid counselor about study abroad plans.

Private Scholarships
Private scholarships are aid you don’t have to repay. The gift aid Multnomah gives will only be reduced if your total gift aid exceeds your cost of attendance. Your loan eligibility will be reduced if needed to keep your total aid package within federal limits. Please forward a copy of any private scholarship award letters you receive to the Financial Aid Office for inclusion in your aid offer.

Military Benefits
Multnomah-controlled grants and scholarships are reduced if total military benefits, grants, and scholarships exceed the financial aid budget for tuition, fees, room, board, books, and supplies.

Change in Family Situation
Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have experienced a life-event that may require a re-evaluation of your FAFSA data.

Step 4: Apply for Aid

After applying to Multnomah, you’ll need to apply for financial aid. To do so, you must complete your FAFSA to discover institutional aid opportunities. If you’re in the process, our institutional code is #003206.


Step 5: Review Your Aid Offers

After receiving your financial aid offer you have a few more steps to complete the process and ensure that all financial aid materials are completed.



Refunds occur when there is an excess of financial aid, over-payment, withdrawal from school, or a reduction of credit hours. You will be notified by email when the check is available for pickup. The option for direct deposit can be set up through My MU SelfService.

Refund checks will be available within 14 days after aid has been applied to your Student Account. A refund for withdrawal or reduction in credit hours will be made available once all paperwork has been completed and will be determined by the percentages below.

A complete withdrawal from the institution may necessitate a return of federal financial aid. Read the full policy on the return of Title IV fund calculations.

For drop or withdrawal refund percentages:


Questions about your Financial Aid?

We care about helping students like you fund their education at Multnomah with ease. Contact us at (503) 251-5335 or email finaid@multnomah.edu.

Want to Pay Online, Set up a Payment Plan, Need a 1098-T?

Financial Aid Team

Deborah Rezene
Director of Financial Aid (503) 251-5339
Anna Lortz
Financial Aid Counselor (503) 251-5334
TJ Sternad
Financial Aid Counselor (503) 251-5337