Where a TESOL Degree Can Take You

There are currently 7,000 languages in the world, but after this century half could be gone according to a recent study. Language is a gift offering us expression, creativity, and connection, making this a watershed moment for linguists around the world as globalization and education put indigenous languages at risk of extinction.

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TESOL at  Multnomah

Multnomah’s TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) programs offer an immersive experience where students can learn not only how to teach English, but also to understand the value of languages around the world. This degree can take students who have a heart for people and languages to a multitude of places in the world through their careers.

Multnomah TESOL exists to equip students with the linguistic knowledge, pedagogical skill, cultural responsiveness, and professional resources necessary to become quality teaching professionals who demonstrate Christ’s love by authentically and effectively meeting language needs in our world.

Our programs offer students an abundance of hands-on learning opportunities. Courses are offered both online and at our Portland campus, and all students have the opportunity to complete their student-teaching on-campus through our community ESOL program, locally at various language programs or non-profits, or internationally.

kristyn kidney headshotWith Kristyn Kidney as Chair of TESOL programs at Multnomah, students have the opportunity to be instructed, mentored, and advised by someone who has taught English internationally and domestically. “In our TESOL program we collaboratively navigate the tension between teaching a language of tremendous power, while representing a gospel rooted in humility,” says Kidney. She uses her expertise to serve her neighbors and embeds the same commitment to the Great Commission in every course she teaches.

“If your desire is to be an English teacher for second language learners, I would encourage looking closely at the TESOL programs at Multnomah,” encouraged Belleza Sahir, a 2023 TESOL graduate.

At Multnomah, we understand teaching a language and teaching people requires the ability to connect with people in humility through cultural appreciation. Not only do TESOL educators need to have the ability to teach English, they must also understand the importance of the languages of those they are teaching.

Here are four factors our programs are known for:

1. Spiritual Formation

Multnomah believes spiritual transformation happens inside and out of the classroom. Students will not only gain the knowledge and skills needed to teach English as a second language, but will also experience personal and spiritual growth through their courses.


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2. Patterns and Pieces of Language

Throughout this program, students navigate the intricacies of learning a second language and how to teach the language. Every language has a unique culture behind it, and our TESOL programs show how to implement these aspects to create effective teaching.



3. Cultural Responsiveness

Approaching a new culture with humility allows for a respectful and open-minded approach. TESOL educators work with groups including young children, refugees, people with immigrant backgrounds, and those who are heritage language learners. Working with these groups requires teachers to learn from and adapt to the customs, beliefs, and values of new cultural contexts.

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4. A Connection From the Classroom to the Profession

We help students create successful career transitions from the classroom. By cultivating professional connections and networking opportunities from their practicums and service opportunities, students can develop skills and create successful careers in the field of TESOL.


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the ability to communicate across cultures and languages is more important than ever. With Multnomah University’s TESOL programs, students gain the skills and experience necessary to become global citizens and make a positive impact in the world. With the guidance and mentorship of experienced professors, TESOL students at Multnomah build successful careers while also experiencing personal and spiritual growth. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to become a global citizen through the TESOL programs at Multnomah University.

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