Dr. Greg Burch

Greg Burch
Dr. Greg Burch B.S., M.A. and Ph.D.
  • Director of MAGDJ Program
  • Chair of Global Studies Department




B.S.- Multnomah University; M.A. and Ph.D.- Fuller Theological Seminary

Favorite Quote

“We can become deluded idealists if we forget the human dimension of mission, but we lose perspective and a sense of direction when we forget the divine dimension of mission” - Samuel Escobar

Spiritual Journey

While I grew up in a Christian home and came to know Christ at an early age it wasn’t until I was nearly seventeen years old that I really made a commitment to follow and serve Christ with my life. This decision radically altered my life and propelled me into opportunities to serve in my own community and across the globe.

Mission & Development Background

Upon graduating from Multnomah in 1994, I left to serve street-living children and youth in Caracas, Venezuela through a small grass-roots organization (and later through the Latin America Mission). In part, our ministry focused on developing relationships with homeless children and youth who were living in desperate situations on the street. We later established homes and a center where young people could live and be transformed. After a number of years in Caracas, our family moved to Costa Rica where I taught in a seminary and focused on training Latin American missionaries going into a number of different contexts including creative access countries. This also included starting a training program for those working with children at risk around the world. My work now consists of research, consulting and training with organizations around the world to improve practice and holistic models focused on transformation of lives and communities.

Why I Teach

To teach at Multnomah is a dream come true for me. I am passionate about seeing our students trained and engaged in missional care for people through holistic ministries where lives are restored spiritually, physically and emotionally. Whether it is students working with children living in desperate conditions, poverty alleviation, combating injustices or working in creative access countries, I love to see people develop a focus to change our world through and in Christ.

Hobbies and Activities

If I am not on campus or at home, I am probably at the beach surfing (yes even in Oregon). I also love hikes with my wife and kids and enjoy coffee (from Costa Rica of course).

My Family

I have been married to my wife Christina since 1998.  I am the only family member born in the United States (California). My wife was born in Vienna, Austria, my two children in Caracas, Venezuela, and our dog, Bella, was born on the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica. We are quite the international family.