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Multnomah University Board Member & Women's Ministry Founder Dr. Pamela Reeve Passes Away at Age 96

Dr. Pamela Reeve passed away on Saturday, August 3, 2013 at the age of 96. Arguably one of the most influential people in all of Multnomah’s history, Dr. Reeve served as a Multnomah professor, member of the Board of Trustees, Dean of Women, and chair of the first Women’s Ministry minor in the United States.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday, August 17, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. at Central Bible Church in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Reeve conducted a video interview shortly before her passing that will be shown at the service, which she requested be made available after the service. The video is available on Multnomah University's YouTube channel.

Education and Early Career

Pamela Reeve graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Architecture. She worked in the architecture field for seven years and had a promising career ahead of her. During this time she taught Bible classes to female coworkers and eventually felt the Lord was calling her to “build people rather than things.” Following her call, she worked as a teacher and principal of a Christian high school in Los Angeles. While in California she earned an MA in Education Administration at UCLA and a Pupil Personnel Credential at Los Angeles State College. In 1976, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities by Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

Multnomah Legacy

In 1964, Dr. Reeve came to Multnomah School of the Bible where she served for 23 years as Dean of Women, devoting her energies to counseling and leadership training. During this time Dr. Reeve pioneered the first college Women’s Ministry minor in the United States, and ultimately chaired the first women’s ministry conference in the West.  She also served as professor, internship supervisor, and counselor for Multnomah undergraduate and graduate Women’s Ministries Programs. In her most recent role, she served on the Multnomah University Board of Trustees. Overall, Pamela Reeve dedicated 49 years of her life to Multnomah University where she worked out her calling to “build people instead of things.”

Other Accomplishments


Seminary Lounge

While reviewing the architect’s plans for the Travis-Lovitt seminary building, Dr. Reeve used her dual gifting of “architect and builder of people” to point out that there was one major omission - a space for community. She was instrumental in envisioning a place for students and faculty to fellowship and enjoy one another in community.  On February 1, 2008 the Seminary Lounge was dedicated in her honor as the Dr. Pamela Reeve Student Community Lounge.

Final words from Dr. Reeve

In reading many letters from former students, Dr. Pamela Reeve said, “As I read through correspondence from alumni ministering around the world and see the impact they are having, I am convinced, now more than ever, that there is no better way to have invested my life.”
Dr. Reeve was excited to share, from her generation to others’ that God is to be trusted. “At 23 years of age, by faith, I said I believe God can be trusted,” Dr. Reeve said. “Now at 94 I’m able to say, 'Not by faith, but I know … that God, your will, it is good, it is acceptable, and it is perfect. No matter what the journey looks like you are to be trusted.’”

About Multnomah

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