Hebrew Community

Who we are

The Hebrew program here at MU seeks to instill a passion for the language that reinforces a love for God's Word in each student. The Green Scholars Initiative projects and the donation of a Torah scroll allow professors to bring research opportunities right into the classroom. Learning is couched in a community where Hebrew students, whether in their first year of study or their seventh year, walk together as a Hebrew family.


Student comments

I am so grateful for my experience in the Hebrew program at Multnomah, which offers greater depth and breadth than most graduate school programs. If you are looking for a program that will immerse you in all things Hebrew, this is it. The intensive curriculum provided the setting and the tools to not just study but actually read the Hebrew Bible with fluency, a gift I'm thankful for every day as I prepare sermons and class sessions.
Tim Mackie, B.A. 2000 (Ph.D. in Hebrew & Semitics, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

I never thought I was a "language person," but I learned to love Hebrew and view the Bible in a whole new way.
Beyth Greenetz, B.A. 2010

There is a culture that our professors cultivate by seeing us and caring about us beyond simply teaching us Hebrew.
Becca McMartin, M.Div. Theological Studies

I gained insights into the biblical text by studying in a community of people passionate about respecting the word of God and knowing it on a deeper level.
Caitlin Parker, B.A. 2013 

The professors seek to help the students not just understand these languages, but to understand how to use them in their ministry, whether it be pastoral or more academically focused.
Josh Cheney, M.Div. Exegetical Studies 2013

The instructors never lose sight of the reason for studying Hebrew, which is to understand God’s heart for His people.
Lynsey Stepan, M.A. '13