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Seminary Dean's Bible Collection to Be Featured in Museum and New Book

Dr. Donald Brake, vice president of Multnomah and dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary, has recently submitted a world class collection of Bibles to be on display at Houston Baptist University's Dunham Bible Museum. An avid collector of Bibles, Dr. Brake's enthusiasm for all things related to scripture, its history, and its translation will also be revealed in his upcoming coffee-table-style book, A Visual History of the English Bible: The Tumultuous Tale of the World's Bestselling Book.

Historic Bible Exhibit
Together with Dr. John Hellstern, a retired Air Force chaplain, Dr. Brake has collected historic Bibles for over 30 years. The Dunham Bible Museum says the Brake-Hellstern collection is "one of the richest in the country for its breadth and depth." The two collectors founded the Living Word National Bible Museum in Branson, Missouri, through which they have exhibited their Bibles at prominent locations in Fort Worth, Dallas, Branson, and Tulsa.

"The exhibit was extremely professionally done," Dr. Brake said. "Charles Paramore of Museum Arts in Dallas has worked with Dr. Hellstern and me previously and now has designed the Dunham Museum display-and no expense was spared."

According to Dunham Bible Museum News, the Brake-Hellstern collection will, "greatly enable the ... [museum's] exhibits to tell the story of the Bible's preservation, history, transmission, and influence."

"My forthcoming book describes the contents of the Dunham Museum." Dr. Brake said. "Each of the Bibles in the collection represents a specific period in the history of the English Bible."

Forthcoming Book
Through A Visual History of the English Bible, Dr. Brake tells the story of how God's word went from being strictly for those in the pulpit, to being read, understood, and acted upon by laypeople. As the title suggests, the coffee-table-style book is full of stunning visuals including color illustrations, photographs, charts, and a visual glossary.

Dr. Brake's book, to be released in September 2008, also tells the stories of those that translated the Bible and brought it to where it is today, including John Wycliffe, Johann Gutenberg, John Calvin, and Ken Taylor. He asserts that most people know very little about the translators' personal journeys. Excommunication and even death were common ends to translation conflicts. "Resistance, persecution, Bible burning, and even martyrdom have bloodied the history of Bible translation," he says.

"The importance of the Bible is not found in the beautiful art it has inspired, nor its literary style but its intrinsic value as a guide for life," says Dr. Brake. "I'm very excited to be able to present this idea in a way that is accessible and interesting to a wide variety of readers."

Contact Info
For more information about Dr. Brake's Bible collection on display at the Dunham Bible Museum, or about his upcoming book release, please contact him at 503.251.6739 or