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New Seminary Building Provides Educational Opportunities


Classes began on Thursday, January 10 in Travis-Lovitt Hall, Multnomah's new seminary building. A dedication ceremony was held Sunday, January 27 with the keynote speaker and alumnus, Dr. Luis Palau speaking on God's Provision for Ministry, Now and in the Future. Located on the corner of Northeast 87th Ave. and Glisan Streets. "We are in desperate need of more classroom and office space," said Dr. Don Brake, dean of the seminary. "We are simply growing so fast that it is a job just keeping up."

A donor gave Multnomah more than $1 million dollars in an effort to complete the building's fund-raising effort. This donation had greatly advanced the timetable for the construction. When asked about their gift, the anonymous donor said, "We believe that Multnomah is the place that the future generation of Christian leaders will come from. Multnomah not only sends graduates out with the ability to learn, think, study, and teach the Bible…but they raise servant-leaders who will change society for the better."