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Multnomah University to Launch MA in Global Development and Justice

Multnomah University’s Graduate School is set to launch a new Master of Arts in Global Development and Justice (MAGDJ) program. Classes will begin with the fall 2013 semester. Multnomah’s Chair of Intercultural Studies Dr. Greg W. Burch describes the graduate program’s goal as “preparing Christian leaders to reach out with compassion, in the name of Christ, to women, men and children living in difficult circumstances around the world.”

MA in Global Development and Justice

The Global Development and Justice program is similar to other humanitarian studies master’s programs featured at other colleges. However, the distinctiveness in Multnomah’s program is that it seeks to prepare Christian leaders to:
  • serve in, and gain biblical insight into mission, global development and justice initiatives
  • focus on compassion, poverty alleviation, and combating injustices
  • explore “business as mission” and “micro-credit” opportunities
  • minister to children at risk, refugees, migrants, and the global poor
  • emphasis on holistic transformation and sustainable change in society

Program Specifics

  • Master’s-level coursework
  • 40 semester credit-hours
  • Classes held in afternoons or at night twice per week
  • Complete in less than 2 years
  • 300 hours of internship (local or abroad)
  • Hybrid courses including on-line components

More Information

The MAGDJ program’s focus on internships and flexible schedules will allow students to graduate with actual, in-field experience. The connections and relationships made with individuals and agencies during the program will give graduates an advantage in their job search.

Faculty Quotes

“I am excited about the new MA in Global Development and Justice program,” states Dr. Paul Louis Metzger.  “Multnomah University will bring to bear its rigorous application of Scripture to justice concerns in Portland and abroad. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Greg Burch and other colleagues as we seek to shape a new generation of advocates for justice on behalf of the orphan and widow and alien in their distress.”

 “In a world ‘groaning’ with instability, calamity, hunger, and oppression, followers of Christ have the privilege and responsibility to be ‘the hands and feet of Jesus,’” Dr. Karen Fancher said. “Many feel called to serve those who are suffering, and yet don’t feel equipped to step into the complex situations and the structures of the governmental and humanitarian entities at play in these contexts. The MA in Global Development and Justice provides an opportunity for students to integrate a strong biblical and theological foundation with the practical skills required to address the needs of the most vulnerable in our society and in the world.”

Quote From Chair of Intercultural Studies

“As students from Multnomah and around the world engage in holistic ministry with those most desperate in society, we want to equip them with professional and academic training that will form them into leaders who are passionate and effective in their work,” said Dr. Greg W. Burch, chair of Intercultural Studies.
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