Houston Baptist University Sets Up Relief Fund

Our hearts and prayers go out to Houston Baptist University (HBU) and the entire Houston area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Multnomah University and Houston Baptist University have a longtime institutional friendship, and we are praying for a full recovery for our brothers and sisters at HBU.

Although HBU’s campus hasn’t been significantly damaged, many of the staff and faculty who live in the area are in dire situations and have lost a significant amount to the hurricane. HBU has set up a relief fund which will go to anyone in the HBU community who has been adversely affected by the storm. We are continually encouraged by those in the Multnomah community who are praying for HBU, and we want to make sure to give students, staff, faculty and alumni an opportunity to contribute to relief for the HBU community. Donations of any amount are welcome.

If you would like to contribute to Hurricane Harvey relief overall, the mayor of Houston has set up a relief fund which can be accessed here, and the New York Times has compiled a list of multiple ways to contribute here.

We are hoping for a speedy recovery in the city of Houston and a restoration of all that has been lost in the flooding. The most recent information shows that Harvey has caused 190 billion dollars in damage, driven 30,000 people to shelters, displaced hundreds of thousands more and caused the deaths of 37 people. Thank you to everyone in the Multnomah community for your continued prayers and support for our brothers and sisters in Texas.

August 31, 2017 | News