In Romania with MUServe: Days 1 and 2

About MUServe

The MUServe program was birthed out of the idea of having Multnomah Students serve and learn as part of the larger, global body of Christ. The hope is to form a spirit of service and humility in the student body, allowing them to engage with how the Lord is at work around the world. This is the first MUServe summer trip through this newly developed program from Student Life at Multnomah. MUServe’s purpose is to engage with, serve, and dwell with people as we seek to embody Christ, while also meeting Him in the “other.” While serving in this way, students from all majors and different academic programs grow in community with one another. MUServe trips are an expression of the Multnomah community loving God and loving people.


Day 1: On to Romania

We are people of conversation. As we have been travelling, we have been aware of the Spirit stirring in ourselves and others. We ask, listen and speak, and begin to notice each other’s needs, striving to step into deeper relationship with those around us. Even before arriving in the country, we have found a place of home through learning each other’s stories and taking great care to cherish each other.

The first two days have been filled with excitement, jetlag, and plentiful blessings. We explored the history of Bucharest, learning the backdrop for the current atmosphere in Romania. From 500 years of being ruled by the Turks to the Communist occupation in the 20th century, the timeline of the Romanian people was laid before us. Knowing the history of Romania left us with some questions:

  • How can people who have been under the dictatorial rule of Communism understand grace?
  • How can people under oppressive governments conceive of a greater power that is good and not out to get them?

These and other thoughts and questions are what MUServe is, discovering what Christ’s love is in other places like Romania and how can we engage in what the Lord is doing.

Day 2: Service projects and amazing people

We arrived today in Galati, Romania, where we will spend our time working with Word Made Flesh (WMF).  WMF has been here serving and loving the Romanian people for over 20 years. We will be headed to Word Made Flesh’s community center. This is our first day at the center where we will begin working on some service projects and spending time with Romanian children that would normally just roam the streets. The center is also in need of painting and building some farming equipment. We are excited to step into service for and with our Romanian brothers and sisters, as well as work side by side and see what the Lord shows us.

Continue to follow our blog as we write about our experiences here in Romania.

Until tomorrow,

Rich and Matt

This blog was written by Summit student Matt Zuber and Associate Dean of Spiritual Life and Calling Rich Ward.

May 2, 2018 | Outreach