Prepare for a Lifetime of Ministry

The program provides advanced training for leaders in a variety of ministry settings, including local church leadership, cross-cultural ministry, chaplaincy, and community development. We offer disciplines for you to craft your degree emphasis in a direction that best suits your calling, including Bible, biblical languages, intercultural studies, spiritual formation, pastoral ministry, and theology. Our expert faculty help you wrestle with theological issues, challenge you with different perspectives, and cultivate your love for God with your mind and heart.

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Example Courses

The courses listed below are some of our featured core classes that will be a part of your educational journey here at MU. Take a look at each course for a small preview.

An investigation of the historical, prophetic, and personally relevant aspects of the major and minor prophets, with special emphasis on the book of Isaiah.

A study of Christianity from the second century to the rise of the Enlightenment with special emphasis on the institutional history of the church as well as theological developments in the church.

This course provides an overview and practice in the basic steps of doing an independent, in-depth study of the Bible. It provides guidelines for approaching different literary categories of Scripture and features an emphasis on students’ hands-on practice of applying these various methods.

An introduction to Classical Hebrew grammar, stressing vocabulary acquisition, noun and verb morphology, proficiency in oral reading, and translation. In this course, students translate a graded reader based on the Joseph narrative in Genesis 37-50.

This course is designed to help students enter into theological and cultural conversations surrounding movies and film. Students will examine the philosophical underpinnings of movies and be given insightful questions to ask and categories to explore that will help in discerning the meaning of movies. Assignments for this course will include spending time in the dark of a movie theater in order to evaluate what “light”, if any, can be found in today’s modern art form, the movie.

Degree Requirements

Here you will find everything you need to know about what is required to successfully complete your degree.

Course Layout
Course Layout (Chaplaincy)

“You should go to seminary because you love God and you want to draw closer to him. If you go in without passion, you're going to come out without passion. Classes at Multnomah lay a foundation on Scripture and go deep. They foster a deep love and longing to understand Scripture better.”

Micah McNeal ’17, Master of Divinity

Program Concentrations

Chaplaincy Track

Our program offers an ideal curriculum of professional preparation for institutional chaplaincy with a practical, balanced approach to ministry training. These carefully tailored M.Div. courses provide the framework of biblical knowledge, ministry skills, and professional expertise essential for success in any chaplaincy role. Within the Chaplaincy Track, you can specialize in hospital and hospice, military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, assisted living and retirement care, or corporate.

Career Placement

Earning your M.Div. opens the door to a variety of career options. With your Master of Divinity, you will be prepared for roles, such as:

• Senior Pastor • Associate Pastor • Chaplain
• College Pastor • Youth Pastor • Children’s Pastor
• Teacher • Instructor • Evangelist
Earn Your M.Div. On-campus or Online