Basic Counseling Skills for Church Ministry Workshop

September 11, 2020 | 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Multnomah University, Travis Lovett Room 111 (In-person or virtual)


At Multnomah University, we care about equipping local churches to better care for their congregations by training leaders through our programs and practical training events.

Our Master of Counseling Department is hosting a Basic Counseling Skills for Church Ministry Workshop. This workshop is for pastors, chaplains, small group leaders, or other church volunteers who would like more training to work with individuals and groups without pursuing a professional counseling license.

Throughout the workshop, we will emphasize developing a biblically-integrated, helping presence in ministry. You will learn basic listening skills, including attending behavior, effective questioning, and reflecting skills. You will apply what you are learning in simulated ministry encounters.


  • 1-Day Workshop for improved basic counseling skills.
  • 1-Credit Class
    • Basic Counseling Skills Workshop plus an 8-week online course that takes students deeper into the content to learn and utilize skills more effectively.
  • Lay Counseling Certificate
    • 1-Day workshop, plus 8-week online class for each of the following 1-Credit Courses:
      • Basic Counseling Skills for Church Ministry
      • Ethics, Boundaries, and Reporting
      • Mood Disorders, Grief, and Loss
      • Anxiety Disorders, Trauma, and Addiction
      • Couples, Youth, and Families
      • Crisis and Suicide.


1-Day Workshop = $100 | 1 Credit Course = $350