5 Reasons Parents Love Multnomah University

As a parent, sending your child off to college can be an overwhelming process with emotions cycling between excitement and anxiety, pride and sadness. You carefully nurtured their understanding of a loving God, and watched them grab hold of His promises. Now you’re visiting colleges and beginning to imagine their life on a college campus. Few decisions hold as much long-term significance as this one.

We understand parents at Multnomah University. Here’s our promise to you: At Multnomah, we will care for your child with the same intentionality, the same belief they have been knit together by a loving God, the same confidence they will live with purpose in their families, churches, careers and communities.

Here are five reasons parents tell us they’re thrilled their kids chose Multnomah University: 

1. We build on the foundation of faith and commitment to Jesus you’ve intentionally cultivated in the hearts of your children.

Rather than engage in the deconstruction of faith as a way for our students to rebuild a personal belief system, we encourage the probing questions within the safe boundaries of Christ’s truth and love for us. At Multnomah, we strive to graduate committed Christians who are rooted in Biblical knowledge and grace for others.

2. We approach the Bible as seriously today as we did when we were a Bible college.

Recent reports on Biblical literacy are stunning: Only one in five Americans are spending time in their Bible on a daily basis, reflecting a true crisis of our times. We are wholeheartedly committed to Biblical literacy as a central tenet of a Multnomah education. All students are required to take 18-credits of Bible-focused coursework, and we embed Biblical truth into the curriculum across every major.

3. We value service and safety.

We love our urban location because it offers endless opportunities to put our faith into action by serving our neighbors through partnerships with the numerous nonprofits in our community. In fact, for more than 50 years our students have spent an entire day serving our local neighborhoods, nonprofits, schools, community centers as part of our annual Day of Outreach.

4. Students are cared for academically, emotionally and spiritually.

Student wellbeing is at the heart of every decision we make. In addition to prioritizing affordability with our Free Year of Tuition promise, we equip them for impactful careers. Just look at alumni Tim Mackie and Jon Collins who founded BibleProject, a video platform addressing Biblical literacy with over 100 million views. 

We also prioritize holistic care for our students including counseling services, tutoring, career counseling and dozens of clubs and programs to help students connect in our community. We take the responsibility of caring for your child seriously.

5. We have a lot of fun and your kids will too.

We want our students to have an exciting college experience, complete with lively traditions, competitive intramural sports, and vibrant campus events. Our students have endless opportunities to make lasting memories and forge lifelong friendships. Take a break from the books to watch faculty face off against students in The Lion Bowl, our annual flag football game. Join in Late Night Breakfast where faculty serve students. Visit the library after dark for laser tag and food trucks.

Multnomah University offers a college experience unlike any other. Our unwavering commitment to Biblical formation and holistic care will nurture your child’s spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth. With a focus on outreach and community engagement, our students are equipped to make a difference in the world. And our vibrant campus life provides countless opportunities for your child to develop meaningful relationships and lasting memories. We hope you’ll give your child the gift of a transformative college experience at Multnomah University.