Ph.D. (c), Liberty University

M.B.A., Colorado Technical University

M.S., Grand Canyon University

M.S., Capelle University

M.A., University of Phoenix

B.A., San Diego Christian College

Hired in 2022

Professor Reynolds’s teaching philosophy presumes that every learner is unique and requires a stimulating educational environment to enable them to flourish spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Creating an educational atmosphere where learners can meet their full potential is his main goal. Therefore, providing an academic, emotional, spiritual and career growth and development for young adults is of great importance and an awesome responsibility. He is blessed with the opportunity to do this every day at Multnomah University.

Professor Reynolds has over two decades of experience in training, human resources management, and pastoral ministry.  His education includes advanced degrees in psychology, business administration, and management.  Additionally, he is a Ph.D candidate in Psychology at Liberty University.

Professor Reynolds and his wife Shereen enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures. In addition, he enjoys spending time with a chess board and a good cup of coffee.

Faculty Headshot Victor Reynolds