Cross–Cultural Engagement Track

The Cross-Cultural Engagement track is designed to hone the skill set of ministry outreach leaders in such spheres as the local church, church planting, chaplaincy, campus, relief work, and community development domains. These locales are increasingly multicultural in their contexts here and abroad. Like the Apostle Paul, such leaders are ambassadors for Christ and His Church. Ambassadors are guests or even prisoners at times in other lands, just like Paul, who was often an ambassador in chains! Even so, these ambassadors function as diplomats and as advocates for Christ and His Kingdom wherever they go. They are concerned for building “vertical” bridges between God in Christ and the surrounding cultures as well as “horizontal” bridges between Christ’s church and the communities in which they serve.

Dr. Paul Metzger complements his instruction in the classroom with his work as the director of New Wine New Wineskins giving an enriched learning experience to students.  To engage culture is to manifest Christ in ways that may befuddle the world, and Dr. Metzger continually challenges and exhorts others to press into a Christocentric life.

Engaging Culture

We also offer an MA degree that shares the same core classes as the DMin program, a Master of Arts in Applied Theology (MAAT). This degree is designed for ministry leaders with significant ministry experience. Entrance into this degree program hinges primarily upon approval by the track supervisor, along with meeting the relevant admissions requirements. Contact the DMin program director, Greg Dueker at, for further details.